Please read the information below before submitting.

You will receive a text message with a copy of our Client Agreement, which gives us permission to do work on your behalf, such as drafting and sending letters to the credit bureaus, creditors, secondary databases or agencies like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which we cannot do without your permission.

1. If you are in an active bankruptcy, you cannot be an active client. If your bankruptcy has been dismissed or discharged that is OK.

2. If you are in default or in foreclosure under your mortgage loan, please consult an attorney.

3.On any letter to the credit bureaus, they have to be able to identify the correct credit file. In this form you will be required to upload:

-valid govt-issued identification: unexpired Driver’s License or State ID, Military ID or Passport

- and proof of address: Utility bill, bank statement, insurance statement, something official addressed to you at your home address. Credit card statements are not permitted

4. Credit repair is a team sport, and we cannot do it by ourselves. We form a partnership with our clients with the understanding that while we are doing everything we can to help their score, they will be paying their bills on time, building positive credit, and paying their credit card balances down in order to also help their score. If you are not willing to consistently do these things, please do not sign up for our services.

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